The first step is a free initial consultation by telephone which allows you to outline your presenting issues. Once a discussion is had and we have agreed for you to book sessions you can go to my bookings page and book your initial consultation by clicking on the booking form.  This will be the second step after your inquiry and allow you to confirm your first (assessment) counselling session. The final step will be payment and attending your counselling session.We can talk about what you want to achieve and the best possible options to suit your needs during the agreed counselling process.

Following the initial consultation the usual arrangement for counselling is weekly sessions. This will allow you time to reflect on and process what has been discussed in-between sessions. The number of sessions will depend on the issues and whether you want short or long term counselling. This can be decided as you work through your sessions or decided at the start. Of course changing your mind is your choice and any decisions made will be respected and adhered to.

However I may highlight what I may assess as more or less useful in terms of sessions but it is then your choice as to what you feel is best suited to your current situation. You can book each session individually, or book a block of sessions. A commitment of number of sessions (so we know how long or short a time we are working with) will however provide a good starting point.

If you need to cancel your session 48 hour notice will be required for a full refund.
What to Expect