Counselling is a talking therapy where you can explore issues and experience feelings of being heard and listened to. The space that is created through counselling can offer an opportunity to talk about how you feel and help you find ways to deal with emotional and practical issues.  It is a collaborative process where you have the chance to share your story in a safe, non-judgmental and respectful space.

It may be that you feel stuck in a cycle of self defeating behavior and now want to explore ways of changing your routine in order to achieve a more productive life. Counselling can be the space to do just that. It could be that you are feeling unable to cope, depressed, anxious and alone. Memories of the past, painful events in the present or worries about the future may be preventing you from enjoying life or moving forward. It may help to talk to someone in confidence.

It can be daunting to take the first steps towards making changes in your life; but with a little courage and support you can begin to understand yourself and your difficulties, recognize the things that are holding you back and explore different ways to make a change.

The first step is getting in touch using the contact details provided in the contacts page. We can discuss what has brought you to counselling and whether or not my experienced expertise in counselling is a good fit for you. Often with any therapy it is through a discussion either by email or phone that you can get a feel for whether a type of therapy or therapist is right for you. I use an integrative approach to counselling. For all queries around booking sessions please get in touch using the contacts page.

About Counselling